List Based Testing

Hierarchical cable labelling scheme

List-Based Testing (LBT) is the world first to adopt customized hierarchical cable labelling scheme. LBT changes how cable testing is conducted, from entering and saving a label after each test to simply choosing which label from the preloaded list to conduct the test.

Effective solution for Project Managers

The LBT is ideal for project managers who has preference on how cables should be labelled and creates flexibility for onsite testers to conduct test in non-sequential order by choosing, skipping and returning to the untested points. When the site is completed, the Project Managers does minimal sorting and searching from his/her preferred list, saving time thus increasing productivity.


  • Options to create Hierachy based or Point-to-Point based label list
  • Flexible to deselect tiers (Floor, Telecom Room, Rack, Panel, Port) that are not applicable
  • Ability to save and load label list as a template
  • Ability to export label list to CSV format
  • Exports to USB or eXport Cloud
  • Autosaves PASS results

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