CableMaster 200 - Compact and economical cable tester

Article Number: 226504

Compact and economic cable tester

The CableMaster 200 is an economic, compact cable tester for Ethernet cabling. Particularly suited for network technicians and electricians.

CableMaster 200 tests Ethernet cabling for open, shorts, split pairs and miswires - simply by pressing a button. As a unique feature in its class CableMaster 200 provides built-in tone generation for convenient cable tracing and port identification, such as the CableTracker Probe.

  • Display cable faults if cable wiring does not conform to TIA568 specifications
  • Detachable remote unit for testing long cable runs, tests cable lengths of up to 304m
  • Tone generator can be used for cable tracing with the appropriate tone tracer probe (optional accessories)
  • Easy to read LCD screen with icons that clearly displays all test results, including PASS or FAIL indication
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact Size


  • Provides rapid and efficient troubleshooting of wiring faults in your cabling
  • The built-in tone generator helps you to identify individual wires (Cable Tracker CT15 available as an option)



Hold down the universal-button of the CableMaster 200 and release when you see the indicator (Hi Lo 1, 2 Hi Lo, Hi, Lo).

The sound can be received with a tone probe (accessory unit). You will need our CT15 Probe (article no. 226007).

You are probably using a shielded/laminated cable. The shielding is used for electromagnetic shielding of the cable, so the signal of the sound generator is shielded. However, you can still receive the tone at the open ends or sockets/plugs on the cable with the probes.

Hold down the universal-button of the CableMaster 200 and release when you see the indication "LOOP".

This display means that the flashing wires are shorted.

The display stands for "Unknown" and refers to an unknown wiring error. This can happen, for example, if the affected wires are shorted with another cable.

There is no alternative language other than English for the CableMaster 200 available.

A "split pair" - error is a rare cabling error. It occurs when an identical mistake was made at the assembly on both sides of a cabling link. The white veins of two identical pairs are reversed at both ends, although the consistent the orientation of the wires causes a very high crosstalk The result: A communication of active components is not possible.